ATTENTION: Freelancers and Agency Owners who are tired of the long hours,

multiple bosses and are constantly tangoing with lady burnout.


What We Are

Contained on this website is the solution to all of your problems. 

The next natural evolution to your business. 

One that’s more enjoyable, requires less hours, less work… and automatically puts you in the position of “head honcho” so you don’t mistakenly end up with a bunch of bosses. 

Imagine this…

    • You start spending just a few hours a week working with clients and delivering your service.
    • You find two key marketing channels that fit you and your personality that you drum on whenever you need a new batch of clients.
    • You go from stuck n burnt out to free, happy and excited while scaling your revenues by 2X – 3X (and if you’re really ambitious, far, far more). 

At this point I hope you’re thinking…

“Who does this guy think he is?!”

Because that means you’ve been around the block and you’ve bought into enough empty promises to make a Fatherless child cry.

Who We Are

My name is Bobby Stocks.




In 2012 I started an ad agency. It changed my life. 

It generated millions of dollars over the last 8 years. 

Around 2016 I wondered what would happen if I packaged up my system…

And sold it for $5K. 

It was a massive shot in the dark. To think mortgage brokers would want to buy a marketing system for that kinda price tag was unheard of. 

Well, I’ll spare you the details…

But I ended up generating 7-figures in 5 months. 

The light bulb went off. 

Here I was grinding away in my agency, meanwhile I’m making 10X more from this product flying off the shelf that I only spent the time creating once. 

It was the first time I truly felt like an online business owner, and not just some hustler. 

I became addicted to the model. 

I began partnering with experts in their own niches, packaging their know how into a highly-leverage info-product…

And selling the shiz out of em. 

Turning people completely unknown, into household names in some cases. 

$75K-$200K months at a 2-4X ROAS.

What We Do

Well… we’ve taken this repeatable process and packed it into the Business CODE. 

This is my life’s work.

Consider this the opportunity to partner with me and my team… without handing over 50% of your business. 

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