Who Is This For?

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The Business CODE isn’t for everybody.

And no, this isn’t one of those things where we make it sound attractive to everyone. 

Please do NOT consider the Business CODE Institute if you…


  1. Are NOT making at least $5K/month. This is an important milestone in a person’s online career. In many cases they’re officially full-time online, are making more than they did in their 9-5, and have established themselves to the point that they’re all in.
  2. Do NOT have, or cannot get at least 5 testimonials. Look, if you want to sell your own program you’re going to need proof of results. 5 testimonials is enough to take you and your program seriously. Plus, it tells us that you truly do have a system that helps people. Which is ultimately who we want to work with.
  3. Still LOVE being a service provider. All the power to ya. But just like anything, if you really want to make something a reality, it’s good to have some pain to create the change.



If 1 or 2 of them are true, we may still be able to work together. 

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